Goal Setting Bootcamp

In this 4 part series you will gain:

✓         Absolute clarity & confidence on your goal-setting process–that’s unique to you and how your brain works.
✓         Proven strategies for effective goal-setting, so you know what kind of goals to set & exactly how to follow through on them.
✓         All the knowledge you need to set goals to grow your business, uplevel your lifestyle & make the world a better place!

Lesson 1: Create Your Goal Setting Plan
Lesson 2: Grow Your Business & Your Income
Lesson 3: Live Your Best Life
Lesson 4: Make the World a Better Place

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Goal Setting Bootcamp & Upgrade

Upgrade your Goal Setting Bootcamp by adding even more information to help you unlock your potential and reach your goals. You will receive:

* 21 Ways to Overcome Procrastination – booklet
* Dream Goals Worksheet
* Business Tolerations Worksheet
* No More Excuses – Getting More Done Tool – Worksheet

Read “21 Ways to Overcome Procrastination” and learn how to overcome procrastination and get back to being successful.

Use the worksheets to help you pinpoint what is stopping you from reaching your goals.

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Self-Care Bootcamp – Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Self Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Move from Overworked & Stressed to Happy & Successful

A four-module self-training system, complete with an Action Plan you can implement at the end of each module, as well as exercise worksheets to help you define your plan.

In this 4 part series you will learn how to:

✓  Get rid of past self-sabotaging habits that you’ve never been able to shake off before
✓  Find out why self-care is so hard to put into practice, and what you can do to change that
✓  Uncover strategies and tips for making self-care guilt-free
✓  Be the successful entrepreneur you always wanted to be
✓  Set yourself up to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life instead of knocking yourself flat with unproductive overwork

Module 1: The Whole-Body Entrepreneur
Module 2: A Strong & Healthy Body Makes Good Business Sense
Module 3: Nurture Your Emotional Wellbeing
Module 4: Creativity Comes From the Soul

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Self-Care Bootcamp & Upgrade

Upgrade your Self-Care Bootcamp by adding even more information:

* 50 Ways to Crush the Things that are Keeping You from Happiness and Success – booklet
* Daily Success Habits – worksheet
* Detox Your Relationship – worksheet
* Identify Your Hidden Strengths – worksheet
* Cognitive Distortions – information sheet

Learn new ways of thinking to propel you towards your goal of a happier and more successful life. Use the worksheets to help you identify your habits and strengths. Learn why cognitive distortions can stop you from being successful in life.

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Business Budgeting Planner


If you don’t print out reports or look at your financial statements, does that mean you’re making a profit or that a loss doesn’t exist? Or does that mean you’re in denial and clueless about the true state of affairs? Learn to face your money fears head-on

In this step-by-step planner you will:

  • Get Comfortable With Money
  • Learn to Track Everything
  • Keep a Money Journal
  • Get Real About Your Income
  • Create a Decision Making System
  • Plan Your Long Term Goals
  • Create Your Budget

Only $9.99

Busting Your Money Blocks Planner

Introduction: Why Women Entrepreneurs (And Men, Too) Earn Less Than They Should

It’s not because they’re less knowledgeable or skilled. It’s all about mindset, and how they really feel about money.

In this step-by-step planner you will:

  • Learn why you have money blocks and what they are
  • Learn how to change your mindset
  • Get to the root of what’s holding you back
  • Learn how to change your inner dialogue to change your life
  • Dare to dream big

Only $9.99

Productivity & Time Management Planner


In this step-by-step planner you will:

  • Learn Your Productivity Type
  • Discover Your Peak Energy Time
  • Learn Techniques for being more Productive
  • Use your Calendar more Efficiently
  • Learn Why Down Time is Important

Only $9.99

Breakthrough Laser Coaching Program

Helping you get right to the point. Breaking through the barriers that are holding you back.

Unlimited Coaching to Help You Overcome Your Obstacles

There are times when you need help and answers right now. You simply don’t have the time to spend three months discussing a situation or goal. You need help to make the best decision now.

Breakthrough Laser Coaching sessions are 15-minute sessions that get straight to the point, and get to the core of a situation or roadblock – to get you moving and back on track – fast. Laser Coaching will help you prioritize and focus on the real issue. It is meant to support you and hold you accountable so that you can reach your goals.

With Breakthrough Laser Coaching you will work on one issue at a time. It is different than a regular coaching session because you are not working towards a larger goal but rather trying to get through a roadblock or gain clarity on one specific problem or challenge. It is a way to bounce ideas off of an impartial person or get a quick practical solution or objective perspective.

With unlimited Breakthrough Laser Sessions, you can schedule as many 15-minute coaching sessions as you like. It is a cost-effective way to get the benefits of coaching without the time commitment of a regular session.

For more information on the benefits of Breakthrough Laser Coaching sign up to receive an email from us.

Take the leap to uncover what is holding you back from getting what you want out of life!

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